The Business of Doing Business course was designed to be presented in a classroom setting over a twelve week period. The course has been modified many times and can be presented in as little as two 2 -hour sessions at an antique show or other weekend event. The presentation is designed to teach the basics of the antique trade. It is divided into three topics - Getting Started, Buying, and Selling.

Getting Started

The Business of Doing Business in Antiques
Understanding the difference between the selling price of an antique and its actual value
Is the price right? Am I paying too much?
Buying ,selling, or collecting investment grade antiques
The difference between an antique and a collectable
Using a computer for inventory control, mailing list, taxes, accounting, and your customer list
You are only as good as your reference books
How to get a tax number and fulfill other licensing requirements.


Understand the secondary marketplace
Buying antiques at wholesale prices
Picking trips that pay off
Choosing the kinds of antiques and collectibles that are right for you
Creative buying techniques


The art of creative marketing
The right group shop can make you big money
Selling (buying) at an antique show
Selling (buying) out of your own shop
Selling (buying) out of a group shop
Selling (buying) at auctions
How to make money advertising your antique business

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