This site is designed for temporary and long-term storage of photographs used on web pages, in auctions, and in classified advertising. You must register to use this site. The registration process is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. After registration, you may begin to store photographs immediately.

Practice Free . . . Use our real-time practice Photo Storage Bin to upload photos directly from your digital camera, floppy disk, or computer’s hard drive. It helps if you read the
FAQ’s Photo Storage Use
before you try this practice bin.

The uploading process is simple. First, select the photograph you want to store by clicking the browse button. Second, after your photograph is selected, simple click the upload button. The image will appear on your screen in thumbnail format. Click on the thumbnail to see a full size photograph.

The photo URL of each stored photo is dislpayed in the “location” bar directly above the full size photograph. All photos stored in the same bin have the same URL except the photo name. Each photo must have a unique name limited to eight characters plus the extension, gif or jpg. The storage site will accept both formats.

During registration you will be asked to choose a user name (eight letters or less) and password. Your user name becomes the name of your storage bin. The password must be used to enter your storage bin.

The cost of a storage bin is $15.00 per month. Each bin will hold 5 megabytes of storage. Most gif formatted photos use less than 50 k. Most jpg formatted photos use 20 k. Each photo bin will store between 100 and 250 photos depending on photo size and format.

Photos can be added and deleted at any time. Dealers using this site to store auction photos can replace photographs of sold items. By deleting unneeded photographs, each bin could hold several hundred photographs monthly.

Register and begin using a photo storage bin today.