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The Maine Antique Dealer Directory had its beginnings in the late 1960s as a central Maine picking list. By 1978, the picking list had grown to a statewide directory. The Maine Antique Dealer Directory contains the names, addresses , telephone numbers, and shop descriptions of nearly every antique shop in the state.

Shops are listed in physical order by major traveled routes ( U.S. Route 1) (U.S. Route 2) (U.S. 201) and state routes 26, 7, 17, and 4. In areas where it is impossible to list shops by routes, shops are grouped into regional clusters that can be visited in one or two days.

The Maine Antique Dealer Directory is published every January. It is distributed throughout the eastern half of the nation plus several countries in Europe and South America. The circulation of the Maine Antique Dealer Directory was greatly increased in December 1995 when it became a part of the World Wide WebT

The Maine Antique Dealer Directory is an interactive web site. The contents can be searched by towns and by thousands of antique categories. Many Maine dealers are planning interactive on-line catalogs. Three dozen full color mail order catalogs are on-line now. Many more catalogs are in their planning stages.